About Us

Dtek has its roots in our favourite element: water. It has been founded in 2012 in Italy by passionate divers with the aim to create something that could be really needed and appreciated by other divers. The idea to invest and create a company in Italy nowadays could appear a little bit hazardous, but we decided to face this challenge to offer a great quality and the possibility of a direct contact with those who designed and created the products.

Our mission is to keep all divers dry and warm so that their diving would be the most enjoyable and safe. Quality and functionality have been from first moment the base of all Dtek creations. And all our products are designed keeping always in mind the needs of divers.

Dtek production is done in our factory in Verona, following high quality standards. Our team cares about each smallest creation step in order to guarantee tailor precision, functionality and customer satisfaction.

Dtek produces not only drysuits but also great diving and watersport undergarments, hoods, boots, after diving clothes and accessories.

Discover all our products online on the website www.dtekshop.it